Growing big, beautiful, full of flavor Tomatoes is our passion. We have coupled our love of growing with technology, making our greenhouses some of the most advanced greenhouses in North America.

Our farm was one of the first farms in North America to use automated greenhouse carts. This helps us provide a product picked, packed, and shipped to you, while only being touched once when we place it in our carton.

Our produce is handled less, lasting longer, and tasting fresher.

Our growers love growing big juicy Sweet Bell Pepper. We have red, orange, and yellow peppers growing for us at all times.

In order to produce great tasting, thick walled peppers, our growers pay attention to the plants. Our growers tell us that they listen to the plants. “The plants will tell you what they want, if they need more water, less or more sunlight.” They must be right, as we have some of the best peppers around.

We have two types of cucumber growers, our long seedless cucumbers and our baby seedless cucumbers. Each has it’s own unique growing requirements. Our baby seedless cucumbers are not just long seedless cucumbers picked early. Mini seedless cucumbers are a variety of seedless cucumber that matures to that baby seedless cucumber size.

Each environment, be it for long seedless cucumbers or baby seedless cucumber, is meticulously cared for. Similar to our other greenhouses, bees are brought in to our greenhouses to provide polination. As well, good bugs are used to control bad bugs. Our growers take great pride in delivering a consistently great cucumber to you.

Our growers produce some of the most beautiful and best tasting eggplant around. Their beautiful color is a sure sign that you are getting the best grown eggplant.

In order to produce great tasting, vibrant eggplant, they must be grown in a consistantly warm climate. Our greenhouses provide the ideal growing environment. Bees are introduced to provide polination and good bugs are introduced to provide protection from bad bugs.

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